Run home assistant in k3s - IOT for everyone

As a new home owner and nerd, I’ve been leaning into the “smart home” trend. Naturally, this makes for a great excuse to tinker with the latest IOT technology and to experiment with distributed computing. What better test bed for working with the ‘Service Mesh’ than coordinating micro-computer devices and sensors? To that end, I’ve chosen to use Rancher’s IOT focused kubernetes distribution k3s. I plan to write more about my setup in the future but, for now I’d just like to share my configuration for running the HomeAssistant platform on kubernetes cluster with a zwave gateway.

This is only going to be useful for a very specific niche but, I though I’d share.

Once you’ve kubectl apply -f . these, you should have a functioning home assistant deployment running on your local cluster (minikube, k3s, etc).